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  • SMK-6000C(Integrated)


Appearance: Integrated

Testing mode: Static perimeter

Testing Scope: 0-90°

Brightness level: 0-26db

Testing distance: 300mm

Visual Target Color: Red,White

Visual Target Brightness≤318cd(1000asb)

Visual Target Pionts: 390pionts(red 61,yellow 329pionts)

Visual Target Size: 2.0cd/m

Visual Target interval and keeping time: Patient adaptive,Standard,Slow,Custom

Pupil size measurement: Automatically

Head Movement Way: AEC Eye position monitoring and automatic correction system

Brightness Detection: Brightness Automaticlly detection and correction sysytem

Detection Strategy: Intelligent dynamic,fast intelligent dyanmic,

                            Full-threshold,Fast threshold,custom,Two notation,

                            Three notation,Quantify defects 

Threshold policy: age-related,the The threshold,Single strength

Threshold Test Mode: Center 0-10°,Center 0-30°,Center 0-60°,Peripheral 60-90°,Blind Spot Detection

Screening mode: BG,LVC,LVP,C08,D1,TG2,ST,32,C07,M2,N1

Fixation monitoring: Dynamic real-time video monitoring,physiological spot monitoring,

                           Eye tracking curve,eye position offset alarm

Analysis Software: Reliability analysis.analysis of single vision,triple report anlysis,

                         Overview analysis,GHT glaucoma semi vision analysis,GPA glaucoma developing analysis

Report Figure: Value map,Greyscale map,The overall bias decibel chart,

                    The overall deviation probability map,Chart patten deviation decibels,

                     Pattern deviation probability plot,Staring Figure

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The main detection function : 

1.Detection of peripheral field of view of 90 degree               

   Central low vision testing                

   Low vision testing               

   Macular function tests               

   Diabetes perimetry               

   Glaucoma Detection

2. 30 degree central testing               

   Detection of neurological diseases               

   Custom range detection               

   Physiological blind spot detection               

   Common screening tests

3.Eleven kinds of special inspection mode               

   Whole process live voice prompts               

   Real-time dynamic fixation eye position detection 

News features :  1.Wink dynamic evaluation curve 

                        2.ambient light detection

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